Saturday, August 27, 2011

That Was Fun

Game 1: 3 hours of delays but we get the easy W. Toward the end of that game they started letting in the game 2 crowd.

Game 2: We get to the 5th with a 3-0 lead, and again, rain delay. Fortunately the rains of the 'cane weren't fully on us yet. (It's currently not raining at all in Providence and hardly has all day.) They restarted it, it became official, and despite just a 4-0 lead, the game never felt like it was in any doubt. At 11 pm, the sweep was complete.

So we're 2 games ahead of the Yanks. We've got Sunday and Monday off. They play 2 Sunday and 1 Monday. This means by the time they get to Fenway Park on Tuesday, they could be anywhere from a half-game to 3 and a half games behind us. Let's put it this way: Even if Baltimore can just get one of these next three, we're lookin' at a 1.5 lead going into the end- of- August/beginning- of-September Yanks series.

During the delays of the first game, I went down to Narragansett just like I did when Hurricane Earl was near us last summer. I basically shot the exact same video. Same gray day with long, rolling waves and surfers. The full surge hadn't even arrived yet. I got there just in time--after about a half hour, a crazy fog rolled in. First, some non-fog pics:

And then, everything was white:

The people in that last shot are all attempting to look out at the sea, but you couldn't see much at that point. This was all around 3 p.m. I also saw the Weather Channel reporter doing spots right there, but didn't walk through them. Tomorrow, supposedly Irene actually hits us. Good luck, everybody. Don't die.


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