Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seattle Loses--Just How Jani Lane Would Have Wanted It

Lackey was essing the bed tonight. putting us down 2-0 right away, then 4-2. Thing was, he was leaving a lot of guys on base. We were fortunate it didn't get out of hand. I kept thinking that Seattle was the "pissed" team in the game. They knew they could have had a huge lead. So I had that goin' for me. We had a definite shot.

We cut it to 4-3, then Reddick hit a 2-run bomb off the windows of some special seats in right. Five years ago, if you heard "Reddick kisses it off the glass for 2," you'd only think of JJ. So....

Anyway we tacked on one more on a Papi single. 6-4. Bard got the last out of the 7th then pitched a scoreless 8th. Pap got 'em 1-2-infield hit-3 in the 9th.

Two games ahead in the East.

10:10 game again Saturday night.

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