Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In The Year 2525

Forgot to mention how Mo got his usual fake strike calls against us last night. So horrible how his strike zone is wider than Michael Kay's ego. The league should put an end to that blatant cheating before fixing anything else about the sport.

I noticed that's calendar goes all the way through August 275760. If you advance it a month from there, there's no September calendar, and go one more, and you're back to an alternate reality version of the current month. I was looking through future dates to see if they hid anything in there, but then I decided to see just how far it goes (by changing the url, not advancing month by month for thousands of years). With 275 thousand years' worth of pages, if they did hide anything, I'm not gonna find it.

Pat let me know that on My9 (the network station that shows a few Yanks games) last night, during the postgame, on the screen it said "Fenway Stadium." If anybody got a screenshot of that, let me know. Of all the screw-ups we see regularly during broadcasts, that may be the all-time worst.

Beckett/Hughes tonight. Also forgot to mention how the Chid-Snatcher continued to do Joba-pumping even after the incident last night. So Beckett's gotta knock him down. Repeatedly.


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