Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We're back to a half-game back, as the Yanks just lost. This is perfect because now KC isn't "due" going into our series with them, which starts tomorrow night, while the Yanks go to Minny.

The ninth was tough. Soria came in with a 5-3 lead and did everything he possibly could to blow it, including two 4-pitch walks. The game ended 5-4 with the bases loaded. Fortunately the last hope was Posada, who decided to just not swing the bat.

You forgot to mention that
1) the umps gave Billy Butler a gift hr on a ball that didn't clear the fence
2) Melk-Dud failed to hold onto Jeter's little liner to center; tough play, but he had it in his glove and shouldn't have let it pop out.
3)Soria needed the Mariano Strike Zone to strike out Dumbo.

But it's all good as long as the Yanks lose.
That little rail above the fence has to be a homer. What else could they have seen on that play? The MLB Network guys were so baffled--then they even broke out a ground rule that said "bove surrounding fenceline is a home run. Below surrounding fenceline is in play." However if you go to you see they extracted that line from the full line: "Foul poles -- above surrounding fenceline is a home run. Below surrounding fenceline is in play." So they weren't even looking at the right rule. However, the surrounding fenceline, at Kaufman Stadium, must mean top of fence. That little rail doesn't go all the way around. So I think top of fence means top of fence. The railing sits on top, slightly back, and is out of play.
The problem though is that the umps screwed up when they were reviewing the ground rules before the game with Girardi; they claimed then that it had to clear the top railing. They changed their tune after the video review. On that basis, the Yanks had a legitimate case for protesting the game. The Royals announcers also didn't think it was a homer based on their understanding of the ground rules.

Again, not that I have any problem whatsoever with the outcome.

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