Sunday, August 21, 2011

Futures Gallery Coming At A Future Date

Pretty sweet game Friday, pretty unsweet game Saturday, but pretty sweet game Sunday. Yanks had the same exact weekend and same 4-game series, so we're still 0.5 out of first.

Chan and I went to Futures at Fenway on Saturday. I will do a full photo gallery tomorrow, but in the meantime check out the view from our seats:

Finally, remember how pissed I was the time everyone was referring to a game won on a defensive play as a walkoff? Now an article is saying the same thing. Game ends on a double play and suddenly that's a "walkoff." So we already had people not knowing why we use the term--now we've got people using it when it doesn't even apply. By this logic, the Red Sox won today on a "walkoff strikeout," and, also, all baseball games are walkoffs because they always have a last play.

This reminds me of when little kids think a "grand slam" just means a really long home run. Society's at the point where adults think like this now. My cats pick up on things better than this.

Mom here.

When you were five, Danielle Martin of your Little League team, hit a home run. Although cheering was huge, you did point out to all who would listen that she reached home plate on errors (the left fielder and every player in the infield made a minium of one error each). I wonder if there's ever been a walk-off error advantage.
Sure it's happened--ever heard of Bill Buckner? Ha. Didn't both girls on that team go yard? I think Ingrid Rutten and Danielle Martin both went deep. They were clear errors but I think the T-Ball official scorer probably calls those home runs.
That seems like deeming every New York victory as possessing some Special Yankee Magic.

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