Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Block Brigade

Kim and I were on Rhode Island's island, Block Island, yesterday for a little vay cay day. We actually had a car over there since Kim worked a craft fair there over the weekend. So we got to listen to the middle of last night's game with Castiglione, then go to see the finish in a bar on a TV with no audio. The bartender was a legit Twins fan from Minnesota, so it was fun with everybody in the place rooting hard one way or another with both teams represented. Not the way it usually is for So-Twins. Anyway, what a great win that was. Two outs, nobody on, top 9, against their closer, and we get it done for the 8-6 win. One and a half games up now.

Gotta get caught up on some pics, from Sunday night's Mo Blow and from that Staten Island Yanks game. So stay tuned, if you're cool enough to be able to occasionally wait for good stuff in a get-shitty-stuff-right-now world.


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