Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August 2nd In Red Sox Vs. Indians History

1902 @CLE: 2-1 W
1904 @CLE: 4-1 W
1913 CLE: 5-4 L
1913 CLE: 7-0 L
1918 @CLE: 6-3 L
1938 @CLE: 7-4 L
1939 CLE: 8-2 L
1939 CLE: 5-4 W
1958 @CLE: 4-1 L
1976 @CLE: 3-1 W
1999 CLE: 7-5 L
2006 CLE: 6-5 W
2010 CLE: 6-5 L

5-8 in 13 games vs. Cleveland on August 2nd, 2-5 at home. Some highlights:

In 1904, Boston won the game, and then four of our players put out a fire at their Cleveland hotel.

In the 1938 game, Denny Galehouse got the win for Cleveland, ten years before some other thing, also involving the two teams.

In 2006, just as the Sox season was about to fall off the cliff due to injuries, Mark Loretta doubles home the tying and winning runs in the bottom of the ninth for a 6-5 win.

Tonight, Cleve. @ SOX, 7:10. Your starters and Huff 'n' Gas. Bedard's first start for us will be Thursday, against my former favorite Red Sock, Justin Masterson.


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