Monday, August 01, 2011

August 1st In Red Sox Vs. Indians History

The Red Sox' all-time record against Cleveland is 956-1,019. The Tribe has led the series since September 22nd, 1921, when they broke a 222-222 tie. Their biggest lead came in 1966, when they extended it to 124 games. We've inched back over the years to cut the deficit to 63 games.

The scores for Cleveland-Boston August 1st games:

1902 @CLE: 6-3 L
1904 @CLE: 8-0 W
1907 CLE: 14-1 W
1913 CLE: 6-2 L
1926 @CLE: 2-1 L
1929 CLE: 10-3 L
1939 CLE: 7-5 W
1940 @CLE: 5-2 W
1943 CLE: 8-6 L
1943 CLE: 4-1 W
1944 @CLE: 8-4 L
1946 @CLE: 2-1 L
1948 @CLE: 12-2 L
1948 @CLE: 6-1 L
1949 CLE: 4-3 W
1958 @CLE: 7-1 L
1958 @CLE: 3-1 L
1979 @CLE: 7-4 W
2006 CLE: 6-3 L

7-12 all time, 4-4 in Boston, where we meet them tonight at 7:10.

Some highlights:

In 1904, Boston's Cy Young threw a 5-hit shutout, striking out 10 at League Park in Cleveland. Some of League Park is still standing today, and plans are in the works to put a baseball diamond back on that spot.

In 1926, a young Red Ruffing scored in the top of the ninth to give the Sox a 1-0 lead, but gave up a 2-run single with two outs in the bottom half giving Cleveland a 2-1 win. Ruffing also lost the 1929 game, in his last full season in Boston.

In 1939, the teams combine for 12 runs and 17 hits despite the Bob Feller-Lefty Grove matchup. Grove was 39 years old at the time, Feller was 20. Bobby Doerr's 2 dongs--one a grand slam into the screen--led Boston to the 7-5 win in front of 11,000 on a Tuesday afternoon at Fenway.

In 1979, Dennis Eckerlsey won with the help of two 2-run homers from Jim Rice. Every Red Socker who played hat at least one hit in this rain-delayed contest at the Mistake by the Lake. The Indians had just won 10 games in a row after changing managers. Unfortunately for them, they only gained two games over the streak, going from 20 games out of first to 18 back.


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