Monday, August 29, 2011


Yanks beat O's 3-2. Just wanted Balty to get at least one out of those three games during our little break and they did. We'll have to settle for that.

1.5 up with 3 at home against CC, Hughes, and AJ. Anything but a Yankee sweep and we're still in first on September 1 with 26 left. A Sox sweep means we're 4.5 up. We go through this every year, but I always say it--if the Yanks were 1.5 up on us, playing us thrice at home at the cusp of September, the NY papers would say "finish them" and talk about how the Yanks can close the door on us. Whereas the Boston papers, in the current situation, will worry about the Red Sox choking the season away (and then conveniently act like it's the fans who are worried when the only ones who are are the ones they brainwashed). So I'd say I'll see what happens, but...right, I avoid the Boston sports media like Lady Gaga (or whoever the current Lady Gaga is).


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