Friday, July 15, 2011

Yanks Lose, I Guarantee It

I missed the whole Yankee game tonight since we saw The Godfather under the stars in Providence. It was a sweatshirt-needin' night after a scorching few days. So I was happy to find out they got Broadway Joe'd, 16-7, in Toronto. We're 1.5 up. I really wanna leave them on the side of the road and pull away, cannolis in hand.

My mom, eternally unable to comment due to technically difficulties, says:

"I heard the first inning of the Yankee game last night on the radio (me: All right!). This morning, I turned to CBS to hear the sports guy say, "Only the Yankees could come back from an 8- 0 deficit... (me: Crap!)...but not last night." (me: Yahoo! the whole time thinking, You're worse than Stig when he makes you think a fly ball is a home run and it turns out not to be). Jere, you run the statistics on who had the most wins after an a 8-0 deficit and I'll email it to CBS."
Well I just looked quick and I see two teams on consecutive nights came back from 8-0 deficits, ONE WEEK AGO. Neither was the Yankees.
That's not their nature to come back from such a deficit.

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