Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Xtra Frames (Relive Shitty Shit Right Here If You Choose)

1:59: Scutaro! Needs to atone! Right now! Down 1 and 2....I'm visualizing the ball going deep into the.....fucking watches strike three. Fucking watches strike three. Fucking Beltran's it to end the game after fucking up to blow the game earlier. Fuck this. We deserved to lose that after not getting the winning run home from third with one out TWICE. Terrible, terrible job.

1:58: Saltalamacchia. Strikes out after a line shot foul just right of the pole.

1:55: Reddick. Ground rule double to the Sox pen! Tying tun at the plate!

1:54: Bottom 14. Down 3-1. Soria in for them. Crawford up. Fooled by a curve ball as if he's never seen one before, strike three. One out.

1:50: Sac fly. 3-1 KC, and then we get the last out. So we go bottom 14, needing 2 to tie. The Royals seem quite pleased with their two sacs to score two runs. I'd love it if we blast 3 dongs in a row to win it...

1:46: Goddamn. Squeeze. Bunt flies OVER Gonzalez' head. Dustin grabs it on a hop and touches 1st, but run easily scores. Now a single. 1st and 3rd, one out. KC up 2-1.

1:44: Single, but guy holds at third. 1st/3rd, no out for them.

1:43: 14th inning. Williams still pitching for us. Lackey now in the pen. Double by Hosmer to start things in the 14th.

1:41: And Papi hits a ground out to second, hit it hard. First pitch. Inning over. I want to kill things. I want to kill ALL the things. YOu win the game there. There, and in the last inning. Is this a dream?

1:39: Yamaico Navarro. No squeeze please! Yamaico looking to become a true Yankee...winning run at third....2-0 pitch...OH MY FUH- KING GOD. He pops out. He POPS OUT. Two down. Papi up. God, what the fuck is....

1:37: Gonzalez. Win it here, guy. Liner to right, single! Ellsbury to third. Frenchy almost let it go by him, which woulda been a Royal Disaster.

1:36: Pedroia. Flies to right. One out.

1:33: Bottom of the 13th, Ellsbury starts it...with a walk on a 3-2 pitch. Winning run on first. Again.

1:29: One pitch to Billy Butler, 6-4 force. We go bottom 13!

1:28: Melky--DP ball, but you know goin' in he's got a chance to beat it, and he does. Man on first, 2 outs.

1:24: Gordon up. 3-2 pitch...walks him. One on, one out.

1:22: This will be a 4-hour game. That started at 9:30 to boot. Randy Williams in to start the 13th. Getz up. Getz down. One out.

1:19: Well, Marco ....gets a liner to left past the left fielder, and promptly gets thrown out at second easily. If I were a different person, I'd go to bed right now. I mean WHAT THE FUCK? This game was won. We didn't need a squeeze bunt anyway, when a fucking fly out would have won the damn game, let alone any base hit. We go, reluctant-fucking-ly, to the 13th.

1:18: Just a lazy fly, Marco! Here we go..oh my fucking god. We fucking tried to squeeze but Scutaro didn't even try to bunt. Reddick out. What the fucking fuck? What the fucking goddman fuck?

1:17: Scutaro up. Throw to first gets away!!! Reddick all the way to third!!!!!! Good shape now....

1:16: Salty up, Remy "rooting" for one between 1st and 2nd. Flyout. Runner stays at first. One down.

1:13: Bottom 12. Tied 1-1. Reddick up. Remy doing the "mock announcers who blatantly root for the home team" thing. 2-1 count on Josh....2-2 now...single to center field!!!! Winning run on 1st.

1:09: Ground out short, nice play by Scutaro. We go bottom 12, tied at 1. And our one run is our 1999th all-time vs. the Royals. 2000 will be the winner!

1:05: They bunt the guy over. Now Pena up. And Wheeler Ks him! Two outs.

1:03: Top 12. Wheeler pitching for us. We already used Bard and Pap in the tie game, unlike in the 16-inning job. Frenchy up...freakin' walks the leadoff man.

12:58: Winning run at 2nd. Crawford takes a ball. Yanks have won so we gotta win to stay 3 up. 1-1 now on Carl....ball in dirt, 2-1....strike 2.....clock about to strike WON for the Red Sox....?...3-2 count, runners will be going, single will win it.....fuck. Swung on and missed. We go to the 12th.

12:56: We've been tied since the 6th, we scored ours in the 2nd. Papi with a 1-1 count...and the ball gets away, and Adrian goes to 2nd! Now that leads to an intentional walk to Papi. Crawford coming up.

12:53: Yamaico Navarro up. Youk left after hitting the bag awkwardly earlier. 2-2 on Ya'Mike....full count now...strikes out. Papi coming up.

12:50 am: Okay, time to start live-ass bloggin'. Bottom 11th. Tied at 1. Pedroia grounds out. But he did extend his streak to 22 earlier. Adrian up....this game didn't start till 9:30 because of rain, and at game time is was about 40 degrees cooler than it was a few days ago--63 degrees. Adrian slams one off the Monster. Winning run on first, one out.

Did you turn off the TV when the game ended and stomp off in fury? I did and needless to say, sleep avoided me from that point on. It's only one game but...well, just but. We'll get 'em tonight.

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