Friday, July 08, 2011

Ticket To Dongtown

One word to describe that six-dong concert: Schwaaaa-na-na-na-nihnt, schwah-nah-na-naaaa, schwa-na-na-naaaaa, dun dun schwaaaa! The Rock Brigade, tellin' you the score: 10-4 good buddy, roger, E-Bert* & Co.

Man, JD Drew is always involved in or close to dong streaks. He was part of 4 in a row for the Dodgers, part of 4 in a row in that Sunday night game vs. the Yanks, and I seem to remember more recently he had a chance to be in another 4 in a row had he hit one out. Then tonight, three guys before him go deep, before he walked. So I think he's 2 for 4 in that situation. Meaning twice he was part of 4-somes and twice he would have been had he actually homered.

And guess who lost? The emmer-effin' Yankees, putting us in first place. Life's better when you're in first place. Always cherish the hell out of it. You never know when the Russkies are gonna nuke us. (Or whatever the current fake threat that keeps us all scared and buying stuff is.)

Pretty funny moment in this game, when NESN came back from commercial showing two couples in the bleachers. Jerry quite innocently notes the "happy couples" and Don adds that they're "enjoying a summer night at Fenway Park." Right at that moment, one of the guys goes to the backhand, for an over the top boob grab. Remy let out an "oops" before the air went dead. I figured he and Don were letting time go by, then they'd casually start announcing the game--silly me, of course they were laughing their asses off. When Don started speaking again after the long pause, he was losing it, and said something about how this used to be a family place. A few pitches later, they threw it to Heidi who also seemed to be holding back laughter. I Boob-Tubed the first part (the grab), here it is:

*Adrian Gonzalez is called Evil Bert at Joy of Sox.

[Update, 1:00 a.m.: Did you hear about the fan who died at the Texas Rangers game? I saw the video of it--as he's going over the rail, he tries to brace himself while holding the ball. Had he just let it go, I thin khe could have stopped himself from falling. Kind of sad that the A's announcers were laughing about it at the time, then the guy later dies. Also, it's surreal to have the lead-in to a video of a man's death be one of those wipes where the A's logo goes shooting across the screen. To see some views of that part of the ballpark where the guy fell, see Zack Hample's April archive. The first four posts you'll see are from games in Arlington, and they include a lot of outfield shots where that railing and canyon are.]

Admission: I owned that Def Leppard LP in 1980.
When the hysteria of Hysteria was gong on in '87, I was 11/12 years old. So after that I got Pyromania and High 'n' Dry, then, finally, On Through the Night, all on cassette. So there was that weird time where I had left the pop-only world but Nirvana hadn't "broke"n yet, and I was surely the only kid in school listening to the 10-year old first Def Lep album.

Also, tonight's game I watched mostly in fast forward, as we saw Batman Begins under the stars in Providence tonight and purposely avoided any score updates. For the record.

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