Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things That Need Fixin'

Remember how the Yanks had that guy Brian Gordon make a couple starts a few weeks ago? What I didn't realize was that in those games he was actually using a non-leather glove! As a person who thinks it's effed up that we play games with the skins of animals, this is huge. I'm still hoping for the day when the baseball and the gloves will all be made of anything but hides. Thanks to Caitlin for the link.

Meanwhile, the long-time minor leaguer Gordon, who wasn't a pitcher until recently, was sent down by the Yanks, and has subsequently signed with a team in the Korean leagues.

Oh, and check this out:

This is from a TV commercial for the All-Star Game. A little hard to tell in this bootleg screen-grab, but below the superimposed Adrian Gonzalez is a "home plate area," with batters' boxes and the catcher's box--note that they've got the batter in the catcher's box. Terrible. Yet another case where all you'd have to do is consult with one goddamn baseball fan before making your baseball commercial and you wouldn't end up with egregious errors. Then again, maybe they look at the stats and say, "Hmmm, Jere Smith of Providence noticed the error and every other person in the world didn't. Run it!"

And speaking of that, have you noticed the new studio set-up for the NESN pre- and post-game? And have you noticed the giant neon Sox hanging on the wall to the right? And have you noticed that they're backwards? How am I supposed to roll my eyes when they're already stationed in the upright and rolled position??

i'm learning all sorts of things today. for a blog post earlier- i googled how baseballs were made... yeah, i didn't know. it would be great if there was a way that didn't involve rawhide, no?
Indeed. I know I've been talkin' up Zack Hample a lot lately, but his latest book has a whole section on how they make the balls. He went to the place where they make them. He talked about it on his blog, but the book has the whole story.

He does mention how cows are killed not for baseballs but to eat, and therefore MLB themselves shouldn't be accused of animal cruelty. But still, I don't know why we don't use non-animals over animals. And if people stopped using hides, wouldn't that mean less cows would be killed?
I want the bslls to stay the same and be made the same. That's more important to me than some cows. I don't care about cows. They're cows.
How would you feel if somebody said that about your pets? Or about you?
Really, really bad.

But we're talking about cows. Cows aren't as important as me or my pets.
Anyway, I'm just goofing man. awesome site!

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