Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meaningful Meaningless Game Goes To NL

Adrian Gonzalez donged. Other than that, pretty much nothing happened. Except Heath Bell slid into the mound when he came in and everyone laughed. I think Henry Rollins does the post-game Fox disclaimer, too. If so, he's now done voiceover for every single company in the world. He tries to disguise his voice on some of these ads, but I always can tell it's him by the slight lisp and the monotone and the low-pitch breaths. Oh shit, I actually forgot about the ridiculous WS home field advantage thing until just now. So we either don't have that goin' for us if we win the AL or we do have that goin' for us if the Yanks win the AL.

Looks like Prince Fielder's gettin' MVP. Do we know if he's still a vegetarian? I hope so.

Anyway, the point is, read this great post on Joy of Sox about the whole shitty state of racist Arizona, and how a lot of these ballplayers had said they would boycott the ASG, but totally didn't after all. It's a long post, so if you're a 140-character type, you don't exist, because how would you have read this far in this post?

Of course, not having home field advantage means a Sox WS sweep concludes at Fenway. Awesome!
And we won't have that awkwardness of thinking, "well it's okay if they lose two of the first 5 games so we can see the clinch at home!" even though we really just want them to win every game.

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