Monday, July 18, 2011

Long One, Live

1:55 a.m.: WIN! Sharrp one-hopper that AG makes a nice play on, fires to Pap covering. 1-0 16-inning victory, and we remain 1.5 up on the Yanks.

1:50: Shoppach grounds out on 1st pitch!!!!! Two gone. Oh, and there was the Scutaro bat throwing incident earlier too. He threw it down, but it bounced and went toward where the catcher was trying to catch his pop up. It was an accident but the Rays got pissed.

1:49: Rodgriguez up. Rays have had like 5 baserunners all night, we had left 15 men on base I think, before last inning...two strikes on the way, Reddick, #16, scored that run in top 16. Pap trying to make it a pristine 16 for our pitchers tonight. Strike three! One out

1:47: I don't know if I'll remember all the stuff I wanted to say about this game. There was the ball smashing the lights, which fell onto the field. And yes, the Trop played the theme from The Natural. Then they played Walking on Broken Glass, which also played in 1992, on my first day working my first job, at Stop & Shop, as I cleaned up a broken jar of gefilte fish. Then there was the leaping catch by Reddick at the wall in the bottom of the 9th. Okay, anyway, Pap warming up, here we go....

1:44 a.m.: Are you fucking... guy catches it at the wall, leaping. So we go bottom 16, up 1-0, Papelbon coming on.

1:42 a.m.: 16th inning, was just about to start live-blogging the *end* of this one, when Ellsbury flied out too shallow for the go-ahead run to score. Two outs, 0-0--and Pedroia gets a line single! First run of the game! Now Adrian...

The "proof I was really still awake" time-stamped comment.
You should post that stuff about Valentine's BS memories.
Good call, I will.

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