Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Live-Blogging A No-Hitter Attempt (Update: No-Hitter Complete!)

2:37: Final note: Maybe a year ago, I used the term "no-no" while talking to my dad. Ad he said, "well it's not a no-no, that would be no hits, no walks." I had always thought "no-no" was just a cutesy way of saying "no-hitter." But just now on MLBN, a host said this game today wasn't a no-no, since that would mean no hits, no runs, and Cleveland scored a run. So now I'm wondering, does "no-no" mean two different "no"s, or does it just mean "no-hitter"? The no-hitter Wikipedia page says "also known as a no-hit game and colloquially as a no-no"--but wait, I just went back to the page and the no-no part has been taken out! Within the last 2 minutes! Should I put it back? Add some new text about it? Will we ever know for sure? Is it a generational thing?

2:27: Michael Bradley. Santana is one out away. High fly....caught in center! No-hitter! Always cool to see, unless it's by a scummy Yankee. Speaking of, Seattle now leads 2-0! Gotta end that 17-game losing streak!

2:26: Ezequiel "25:17, the path of the righteous man..." Carrera up. Easy grounder to second. Santana lays his vengeance upon him. TWO OUTS.

2:25: Called strike 3! One out.

2:23: Travis Buck leads off the 9th. Pinch hitting. 1-1 count...strike 2... 2-2 now...

2:21: Finally we're going to the bottom of the 9th. Santana 3 outs away from history.

2:15: Angels get an insurance run in top 9. 3-1 LAA.

2:07: Now that Kitner boy or somebody is up. This game's on MLB Network by the way. Or at least the ending has been. And Kitner spills out all over the dock! Strike three. Santana is three outs away. Meanwhile, the Yanks trail 1-0 to Seattle in the 4th.

2:05: LaPorta up. Down on strikes! Santana 4 outs away.

2:03: Jizzin' Haul? That's this dude's name? Anyway, he's up, one out, bottom 8th, for Cleveland against the Angels. Ervin Santana has a no-hitter going. The first batter he faced in the game reached on an error and scored on a wild pitch. Fortunately for him, his team scored twice for him. So he leads 2-1, and he's five outs away. It would be a perfect game if not for that error. 3-2 on this hitter...and he walks. No-hitter still alive.

What an odd line:

LAA - 2 5 1
CLE - 1 0 3
I know! And Cleveland has as many errors as they do runs, hits, and baserunners combined.
Now 5 errors! And 0 hits.
361 - 105. Weird.

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