Saturday, July 02, 2011

Lass The Ass

I missed the beginning. It was another Craptional League fest, but then I tuned in. You're welcome. We turned 5-1 them into 7-5 in one inning. Pedroia turned all the way around while running to first on the game-tying hit to give shit to ump Laz Diaz after an earlier bad call. Yanks played the Mets so we gained no ground. Two more shitty NL games, then we're done!

I wonder what the reports would be if Manny had turned in the middle of a play to argue with an umpire. Hard to run hard when you're looking behind you.
The weird thing is he WAS running hard, and just whipped his head around and then back. I was kinda worried he broke his neck!

But yeah, on NESN, they say "this just adds to the legend of Dustin Pedroia."

That's the same thing they'd say about Manny, only they'd use a much different tone.

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