Tuesday, July 26, 2011

KC Botchmen

Andrew Miller did not have it. Puts us down 2-0, we tie it at 2. Puts us down 4-2, we take a 5-4 lead. Then, for old time's sake, he puts us down 7-4. At that point I was pissed. But remember, we've got...schwaa-na-na-na-nint! The Rock Brigade. Granted, the RB was helped by some Royal gaffes. But we get the 13-9 victory and stay 2 games up in the AL East.

Cleanup man Dustin Pdroia's hit streak is now at 23. He had a single, double, and triple, and more than one shot at the dong, but couldn't get the cycle. His last chance was against a position player, Mitch Maier, in the 8th. He hit a high fly ball that the left fielder caught at the base of the Monster. Too bad NESN showed the freakin' sky as the ball was in flight, and by the time they dropped the cam down to ground level in a desperate attempt to recover, the ball was already in the fielder's glove. They were thinking into or over the Monster Seats, and it was caught without a jump. That's a huge difference.

As always, nice to get the W, but the big takeaway for me from last night is that Theo needs to go get another starter at the trade deadline. They can get to the postseason without a dependable third starter, but they'll need one in October, and it's very clear Miller/Lackey/Weiland can't fill that role, and I wouldn't trust Wake either. So it all depends on Buchholz, and we still don't know his exact timetable for return, or whether he'll be healthy and effective enough when he does. Go get a pitcher, Theo.
My feelings & forecast are different. 2 months from now Beckett & Lester may not inspire great confidence. We don't know.
"Miller/Lackey/Weiland" - which of these don't belong? (Now I've probably jinxed John for his start tonight.) I think Wakefield, Lackey & Buchholz are our best bets for a dependable starter by October.
If Theo can find a better possibility, go get him.
How does Lackey not belong in that trio? Yeah, he's a veteran who used to be a good pitcher, but he's still provided very little evidence that he can pitch competently against playoff-caliber teams this season. Pitching well against the Orioles and Mariners doesn't do it for me. I'll give you that he was effective against the Phillies, but that's just one start. He got shelled by the Rangers and Yanks.

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