Saturday, July 09, 2011

July 9th In Red Sox Vs. Orioles History

14 games against this franchise on July 9th. We won 8 of the first 9 and lead the 7/9 series 9-5. (7-1 at home.)

1911 @STL: 9-3 W "The Red Sox had the time of their lives today fattening up their batting averages while engaging the lowly Browns in a quiet little game on the Sportsman park lot." --Boston Daily Globe "Red Sox...Knock Three Brown Pitchers Off Slab and Abuse Third" --Detroit Free Press
1912 STL: 3-2 W "Boston's success in the game against the Browns was expected, but the stubborn fight made by St. Louis was not...In the last inning, with the score a tie, two men out and O'Brien and Yerkes on base, both having singled, Speaker hit to center, scoring the winning run." --Meriden Daily Journal
1913 @STL: 9-0 W "Red Sox Maul St. Louis. Chase Two Pitchers in Merry Batting Bee." --Detroit Free Press
1919 @STL: 3-0 L "The Boston Red Sox went down to defeat today... The locals found the offerings of Mays easy to solve in the pinches" --Christian Science Monitor "One Roof-Top Drive by Babe Misses Fair Territory by Only a Shade" --Boston Daily Globe
1920 STL: 2-1 W "Dixie Davis of the Browns allowed fewer hits than Joe Bush of the Red Sox, but the Browns lost a 2 to 1 game." --Toldeo News-Bee
1924 STL: 5-4 W "Vangilder...was turning in a good game until the sixth when he allowed the Sox to tie the count...After that it was only a question of time..." --The Southeast Missourian
1924 STL: 5-0 W "Fuhr was at his best and hit left-hand shoots were so good that the Browns were completely tamed, while Dixie Davis was being touched hard by the Sox..." --The Southeast Missourian
1932 STL: 4-2 W "Dale Alexander's home run in the eighth inning...broke up a pitching duel between Ivy Andrews, former Yankee hurler, and Carl Fischer, and gave the Boston Redsox a 4-to-2 victory....It was their sixteenth victory in 75 starts." --Pittsburgh Press
1933 STL: 4-0 W "George Pipgras...allowed the St. Louis batsmen but five his...while Cooke, Boston centerfielder, had a perfect day at bat getting three doubles and a single and driving in three of Boston's four runs." --Lewiston Daily Sun
1933 STL: 9-2 L "Reynolds set a good example in the third inning...when he hit one into the left field bleachers for a homer." --Lewiston Daily Sun (I guess this means those bleachers on the cliff in front of The Wall)

And the rest... (feel free to do your own news searches on these)
1943 @STL: 5-4 L
1955 BAL: 5-4 W
1998 @BAL: 3-2 L
2005 @BAL: 9-1 L

Bonus: July 9th in Me Vs. Chan in Wiffle Ball History: click here!

Sox vs. O's, 7:10.

I'd tell you all the things Michael Kay said in today's All-Time Jeter Ass-Kissing Extravaganza, but you wouldn't believe me. You'd think I was doing some kind of sarcastic post. I will say that Jeter getting his 3,000th hit the way he did should be an example to all those ballplayers who cheat on their taxes, are constantly stroking their ego by appearing in countless commercials, and constantly try to steal calls and deceive the umps to get an advantage. Oh wait...


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