Wednesday, July 06, 2011

July 6th In Red Sox Vs. Blue Jays History

Last night we scored our 2,500th run all-time vs. Toronto.

7/6 fun: We've played the Jays once on July 6th, in that same series from 1977 when we hit the 8 dongs in a game. (July 5th was a scheduled mid-series day off--not a rain-out--which is why we've never played them on July 5th.) It was another big win at Fenway for the high-powered Sox. No homers this time, as the runs came home on singles, doubles, and two late sac flies as Boston pulled away for the 9-5 victory. Luis Tiant didn't make it out of the fourth, but the 'pen allowed nothing the rest of the way. Yaz made two great plays in the field which you won't find in the box score.

Interesting at bat in the third--from retrosheet: "Woods fouled off 11 straight pitches before fouling out; three of the fouls just missed home runs." Those little tidbits are yet another reason retrosheet is better than the ad-diseased Baseball Reference, at least when you just need a box score/play-by-play. (Obviously retrosheet has nothing like the B-R Play Index.)

Another kinda cool site is Back to Baseball, which plays back old games in their entirety, in the same way you might watch on Gameday or whatever. Here's the game from above. (Why do players from both teams go back to the same dugout? Okay, I can get past that....)


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