Friday, July 08, 2011

Greggory Pecker

First of all, gotta give the credit to the Rock Brigade for kicking ass tonight. Another big win and we're a game up in first place.

And second, before getting to the obvious, how sweet is it this: Jeter's out for the All-Star Game, as is A-Rod, as is Mo, plus you've got CC and Tex not even making it, and now Youk will be replacing A-Rod.

Okay, now for the fight. What's up Kevin Gregg's ass? He throws at Papi three times, then yells at him to run on a shallow fly, getting himself immediately tossed. Of course Papi's gonna come at you at that point. And then it turns out Gregg is the worst fighter of all time! He got one weak punch off, but it didn't come close. At that point I think he was just waiting for the pile-on and looked like a fool bobbing around. Then I heard him interviewed after the game. The guy's bringing up payrolls and how they should be allowed to play on the same field and they're not afraid. DUDE--nobody's saying we don't think you should be allowed to play against us! And nobody's trying to intimidate you! We're swinging the bats and hitting the ball really far, but that's kinda what you're supposed to do. This is an Orioles team that matched us win for win last year. I understand retaliation for someone being a dick to you, but if someone's just doing better than you, I never get why you go and try to hurt them. And he's got such an attitude yet at the same time won't admit he was trying to drill Papi. And another thing! If Papi had hit a deep fly ball and admired it I could see the pitcher being pissed (though if it came after three pitches thrown at him we would have had the same result as we had tonight), but he hit a shallow one. Gregg getting pissed about that (when only the Red Sox should be) shows he was really just lookin' for trouble, and that's what he got. It's not like Papi did that thing where you get all pissed at not getting good wood on the ball--that is a version of showing the pitcher up.

I'm not alone in thinking Reddick should not have been called out on the play. Let's review. Reddick on third, batter hits fly ball, and fight breaks out while ball is in the air. Entire Orioles team is streaming out of dugout across third base line to enter fight. Entire Red Sox team and both bullpens all coming on to the field. Is Reddick supposed to stand on third? Tag up and run home through the Orioles players flying past him? He opts to enter the fight, and is called out for "abandoning the base." Was anyone else penalized for abandoning their position? That call is beyond Reddickulous.

R. Brigade: Lipsyncing from 1979, but we've got a Puffy Shirt and W-T-Holy-F is that guy off to the side wearing?!?!?!?
"What's up Kevin Gregg's ass?"

I had to read this sentence three times because I kept interpreting it as "What's up, Kevin Gregg's ass?" with the comma there.
And "special effects" during that solo! I'm not so sure he's lip-synching there.

I would like to ask Kevin Gregg's ass what's up. Every part of that guy has issues.
How do you eject a player in the middle of the play? What if the throw had come in? Could Greg have touched it? There was no fight when he was ejected. That was odd.
Good point--he ejected him mid-play. Yet another reason why Reddick should have been allowed to stay at third.

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