Sunday, July 17, 2011


Heard most of game on radio today. We win to stay 1.5 up. Kim and I went to ArtBeat in Somerville, where we sold her soap. This year's ArtBeat photo is of the golden living statue woman...on break, talking on the phone.

So while trying to get some pre-game on the radio at one point, I heard John Rider and someone else talking about the Sox, and one of them casually saying "I could see the Sox getting swept in this series," and the other one agreeing. Now I'm not saying getting swept wasn't a possibility and I'm not saying you can't predict bad things for your team. But this was a classic case of: Red Sox win 9 of 10 games, then lose ONE, and it's "they're getting swept." You might expect this from the small but vocal fans who only know what they've seen in the past 24 hours, but why do we have to hear it from the hosts? Aren't they supposed to, like, know shit? Oh wait, of course not, this is why I supposedly stopped listening to this crap. Maybe their professional insight should have been "I can see the Sox coming back and winning the next two games in this series because they're fucking awesome, so watch out for the Rock Brigade." That's what I woulda said!


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