Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going Away

Not quite the no-hitter I predicted, but Beckett did a fine job. However, he left trailing 1-0. But a little Brigade action followed in the 7th, and he gets credit for the 3-1 win, Francona's 1,000th win. Yanks lost earlier, so we're three games up. Excla-effin'-mation point. Rays are down to 9.5 out. And Pedroia's got a 20-game hitting streak.

Two things about this game:

That dude. Okay, we're down 1-0, bottom 7th. Man on first, two outs. You're sitting in the front row a little to the foul side of the Pesky Pole. Liner down the right field line. Hits on the dirt, headed for the corner. Ichiro's about to let it hit the wall and then see what happens. It might roll past him, it might come off the wall toward him, but the odds it goes right to him, he gets it cleanly, and throws all the way home to get the runner are remote. What do you do? Well this asshole decides to reach out over the fence and grab the ball, then high five his drunken friends as if he's done something positive. What the guy doesn't realize is that by the ball going "into the stands," it's a ground rule double, and the tying run has to stop at third. Now they could have called it fan interference and placed the runners where they thought they'd have gone. But, it was borderline, so they're probably just gonna call the easier "ground rule double," and also, if they DID call it fan interference, they might just say the runner would have stopped at third anyway. Therefore, your move as a fan is to let the damn ball go! Fortunately, Ellsbury came through with the two-out hit and it didn't matter. Still, terrible job by the guy, and I was glad he got kicked out.

That cameraman. Top of the ninth, Seattle has the tying run up. Batter hits a fly ball down the left field line. This ball landed where stands meets wall, about halfway up the Green Monster. However, the camera is showing a spot way too high, so we're seeing the people in the Monster Seats. As the ball falls off the bottom of the screen, the cameraman has to quickly adjust, and we see the ball landing way down the wall and to the left of the line, in the front corner of section 33. This coupled with Don thinking it was a home run fooled the audience in a huge spot. A high fly ball that lands in the seats in 33? No threat there. But NESN turned it into one. Terrible job.

Compared to that IDIOT in the stands, nothing strikes me with bafflement as much as his misdirected mind. We need Timmy today. Enjoy.

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