Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fox ASG Broadcast Off To A Great Start

Fox, if your interns use Google to grab logos to slap on your graphics, you're gonna end up with old versions of them. They changed it in 2008. Why is this so hard for people? The Bruins tweaked their logo a few years ago, and I knew about it without even being a hockey fan. Every time a team's logo changes, there's an announcement, people give their opinion, and, most importantly, the new logo is used from then on. The old may be brought back in a retro way at some point, but the new logo becomes the logo. I still can't figure out why when the Boston Red Sox, a fairly well-known and well-covered franchise, changed theirs, nobody seemed to notice. Doesn't a memo go around? Especially to a network like Fox? The Boston Herald is a newspaper, and they still haven't noticed. Yes, I will always be mad about this. Do you have any friends who think that glove with the MB is still the Milwaukee Brewers logo?

So to all the stragglers, for the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000th time, here's the new (not anymore, assholes!) Red Sox logo:

For the record, I wouldn't notice any of this stuff if it wasn't for you, but here's one for ya...

I went to the Sea Dogs game yesterday, and I didn't notice till I got home and looked at my pictures, but apparently the Sox' own affiliates haven't heard:

Sea Dogs scoreboard pic
Also, last I checked, the SeaDogs have the old logo on their sleeves. Terrible, but I chalk it up to the fact that they're just waiting to change it next time they change their unis.
They wore bizarre alternate unis (green w/ orange sleeves & shamrocks, which were raffled off after the game) yesterday, so I didn't notice that.

Pic from May

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