Sunday, July 03, 2011

Done (And One)

Interleague Play is done. We end it with a sweep of the worst team in baseball. All-star Josh Beckett did a fine job, a run in 8 frames. We had a few bigtime squanders and should have been way up, but we found ourselves tied with two outs in the ninth. After a bases loaded intentional walk to all-star Adrian Gonzalez, Youk drew another, and we took a 2-1 lead. Pap got the save.

The one last piece of NL craption is hoping the Mets can somehow accidentally pull a run out of their asses, trailing the Yanks 2-1 in the ninth as I type.

Update 5:32. Holy shit. Mets tie it off Mo. He had the first two out, and 3-2 on Bay, and walks him. Next guy singles. First and third but they still need one more hit. And Duda, after being down 0-2, singles it in! Next guy hits a grounder that goes under the shortstop. The Mets play it exxxxxtra aggressively and try to score from second, and the guy's out by a mile to send it to extras.

And let me say this about the TBS announcers. Fuck 'em. The whole fucking inning they're doing that sarco-talk as if Mariano has literally never given up a hit in his career. They were just laughing about it. And of course all the Yankee fans at Citi had that old look on their faces. The ollllld nothing can ever go wrong for the best people in the world look. ONCE AGAIN it was erased with Mo on the mound. Okay, now it's top 10, and the Mets got the first two, but then Cano hit a liner that the National Leaguer they got out in CF let the ball go by him, turning it into a triple. Now a free pass to Posada, and Martin's up with 2 out, first and third....

5:43: Mets get out of it. We go bottom 10, tied.

5:46: Mo out. Ayala in. Walks first guy! Okay, Mets, National League in a run here!

5:50: Runner bunted over. Winning run at second.

5:57: Logan in, first and second, one out. Beltran up...

5:58: Beltran strikes out. At least he swing the bat. God damn it. God DAMN it.

6:02: Another E for the Yanks SS, but he keeps it in front of him, so it's bases loaded, two out, tied, bottom 10, JASON BAY coming up as the Yanks go to the pen.

6:05: Bay base hit, oh my lord in H!!!!!!!!! This is an all-time great day in Yankee Hating history! 1.5 games back. HUGE!!!!!!! I will be laughing long into the night.


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