Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy-Ass 8s

Looked like Wake had #185 tonight. Blew it in the fifth. Had to leave after 4.2, losing 7-6.

We tie it in the 7th.

Then the Rock Brigade arrives. 8 in the 8th. I love innings where you score the same number of runs as the inning number. I wonder what the record is. 8 in the 8th has happened a lot. What about 9 in the 9th? I'm pretty sure I've never heard of 10 in the 10th or anything above that.

Balty did get 3 in the bottom half, but we win it 15-10. 25 runs in 9 innings, after 1 run in 16 the night before.

Dustin Muddy Chicken Pedroia now has a 16-game hitting streak. Also, he's God.

Get some sleep tonight, Red Sox.

Funny moment at the Joy of Sox thread. At one point, this guy decided he'd come over to the board and tell us he just got engaged. However, the comment showed up right after Reddick hit his foul pole dong. So you had the dong, followed by "I'M GETTING ENGAGED." At this point, I assumed he meant he was in love with Reddick. I thought of it as a "throes of passion" remark, a la Costanza's "I'm giving you a raise!" But no, the guy just happened to be announcing his engagement at that moment. Either way, I'm definitely gonna be using that line for any and all big Red Sox hits/winning moments.

In Yankee news, they're tied in the ninth at Tamper.

[11:02: Stupid ass Rays walk in go-ahead run with 2 outs in the 9th.]

[11:12: Pieces o shit. They go down 1-2-3 and lose. Blew a 4-1 lead. So they gave the Yanks a game on a throwing error and now on a walked in run. Pieces o shit. We stay 1.5 up on NY and are now 8 up on the Sellers.]


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