Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brigade Still Rocking

The rarely seen Good Lackey showed up tonight. Sometimes all it takes is the Orioles in their other dugout. The Rock Brigade only needed one tonight, but got 4 for the 4-0 win. I'm happy to say ever since I proclaimed them the Rock Brigade, they have not lost. Ellsbury had a single, double, and triple, and continues to show that he's much, much, much, much, much, much, much better than Brett Gardner, despite that Yankee fans assumed Gardner was better based on the fact that they wanted him to be.

Sunday we go for a 4-game sweep. We're one game up but we still need a win or a Yanks loss on Sunday to be in first at the break with the best record in the AL.

July 10th in Sox/O's history. We're 6-10 in 16 games all time. Smaller story, but I know you've been following it--we've been watching some of these series the last few days, and highlighted below are the ones that ended on July 10th.

1911 @STL: 8-5 W The 1911 series that happened on the same 4 days as the 2011 one finally comes to a close, and we win it 3 games to 1. The first 6 hitters in the Boston lineup had 2 hits apiece in game 4.
1912 STL: 9-2 L We also got to follow all 3 games of the 1912 series--Browns win to avoid a 3-game sweep. It was their first win against the Red Sox in 11 tries in 1912. Boston would win the season series 17-5, and repeat the feat 3 more times in the next 5 years.
1913 @STL: 6-2 W
1919 @STL: 5-1 L
1919 @STL: 4-3 L
This doubleheader sweep by St. Louis means they sweep the 3-game series. Babe Ruth went deep in the 6th inning of game 2 for Boston.
1920 STL: 9-2 L
1922 STL: 5-4 L
1922 STL: 4-3 W
This was the third doubleheader in a row at Fenway--all 3 were splits. Game 1 on July 10th went 13 innings.
1924 STL: 8-2 W
1928 STL: 4-2 L
1933 STL: 9-5 L We got to see this whole series from 7/8 to 7/10--Browns win it 3 games to 1, scoring eight runs in the 2nd inning of the finale.
1943 @STL: 6-3 W
1955 BAL: 10-7 W We take 2 out of 3 from the O's. (Game 2 of the doubleheader on this day was rained out.)
1969 @BAL: 5-4 L
1998 @BAL: 3-2 L
2005 @BAL: 4-1 L And this second-most recent July 7-10 series with Baltimore (also Thursday through Sunday) goes to them, 3-1. Trot Nixon goes deep and Wake takes the loss on a 93-degree day at Camden Yards.

Ellsbury vs Gardner
AVG: .314 vs .264 (Ellsbury +.050)
OBP: .374 vs .348 (Ellsbury +.026)
SLG: .490 vs .395 (Ellsbury +.095)
OPS+: 134 vs 101

Runs Created/Game (Runs per 27 outs scored by a lineup of 9 of the same player):
Ellsbury 6.8
Gardner 4.6

BBRef's "Defensive Runs Saved Above Average" (runs above or below average the player was worth based on the number of plays made):
Ellsbury: 9
Gardner: -1

Not much of a contest.

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