Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brigade > Royalty

We go down 3-0 after a Lacktastic first. But we didn't worry. Our first two hitters hit dongs, and soon the rout was on. Pedroia's up to 24. Papi hits the first grand slam for Boston of 2011. Red Sox now 3 up on the Yanks. And we're within a half game of the Phils for best record in all of baseball.

One more against KC, tomorrow afternoon.

Papi, when asked what his numbers (10 grand slams, 1,000th Sox RBI) mean to him: "I'm getting old."

Oh, Papi... How I love him (when he's hitting, that is).
wow comment box right on the page!
up 3!
grand slam for 1000!
24 in a row!
shit will be clean!
Lackey has to be the luckiest pitcher in baseball right now. Remember the anxiety when he was coming back from injury about whether he'd be non-terrible? He's sucked, and no one has noticed...
Papi said a lot more than that but I get your drift. The Sox hitting seems to overcome everyone! Woo-hoo. 1:35pm EDT will be JOSH time.
Trabajo Artesano picked the wrong blog to spam.

The offense continues to be historically good, but my point from yesterday stands. We need to pick up a competent third starter. As Ryan notes, Lackey sucked again, this time against a lousy team. And the schedule for Clay's return continues to be very foggy.
3 earned runs in 5.2 innings, 4th straight win, keep on sucking Lackey. We only play a handful of teams that aren't lousy.
Glad everyone's liking the non-popup comments. Or is it a coincidence.....

Anyway, I just don't know what to say about Lackey. And can we be the rare team that goes to the postseason that just bashes away and doesn't even need pitching? That's never something you can count on....but, I trust Beckett, I trust Lester, I even trust Wake, and I have to assume Clay is back by September, I mean how long can this guy stay out?

Peter, yes, Papi said more, but the "old" line was the comedy classic.
Lackey allowed 12 baserunners in less than 6 innings last night, including 2 homers. He was getting shelled in the 5th, and was an extra base hit away from allowing a Sox blowout to become a close game again, when Tito mercifully pulled him. There's no way you can paint that as anything other than a crappy performance.

And the handful of teams that aren't lousy are the ones we'll be facing in October. I don't want Lackey anywhere near those games.
I will say one thing: the Royals are a bad team, but after looking up their numbers, their offense isn't the problem. It's actually a little above league-average.

But Lackey still pitched like shit last night.
I loved the "old" line when he said it. That was his very first response and to me the most worth sharing.

Of course out of all the media recaps I read, not only was it the only line Jere quoted, but Jere was the only one to mention it at all!
Ha! Another loss for the media! Thanks.

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