Friday, July 01, 2011

Betterness Gotten

As we knew, the Red Sox were going to make one of those "It Gets Better" videos. Well, the video is out. It's right there on, and here at the It Gets Better Project site. Actually, I'll go ahead and embed the YouTube version (only at 314 views as of now) below. Of course, I'd been curious about which Red Sox would take part in the video. Turns out it's Tito, Tek, and Youk. If these weren't already three of my favorite Red Sox, they would have moved to the top of the list anyway today. Great job by them. In a world where a lot of lunkheads think that gay people are some kind of monsters out to destroy their "pure" (ha!) way of life, it's great to see any celebrity, especially athletes, stand up for the gay community. If there's one thing harder than being different (in any way), it's being young and different. And that's what this whole It Gets Better/Trevor Project is about.

Unrelated: More great stuff from Hauls of Shame. This time it's about a fake Ty Cobb diary. And you know "Barry the Hatchet"/"Halper the Scalper"'s involved...

Happy New Month, everybody. My New Month's Resolution is to end Interleague Play once and for all. Well, that's more of a years-long aspiration. I guess I'll just give up soda. Again.


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