Thursday, July 28, 2011

Afternoon Baseball/History Thing

4:26: Navarro up, 2 outs, Red Sox down to last strike....fuck. Swings and misses, Serrano style, and it's over. Fuckety fuck fuck fuck. 2.5 up as the Yanks are off. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. God damn it.

4:25: Holy crap--Craw hits one that looked gone. Deep RF corner. Guy catches it on track way the fuck out there. Two out. That looked like a game winning dong all the way. God DAMN it.

4:22: Sutton hits one off pitcher's glove, reaches first! Tying run on. One out. Crawford up.

4:21: Reddick grounds out. Sutton up, Crawford coming out on deck.

4:18: Three baserunners for KC in the 9th but they don't score off Albers. We go bottom nine, down 4-3.

4:04: Adrian and Youk ground out. Papi up, 2 outs, 8th, down a run...another groundout. Gonna have to be a walk-off win today.

3:56: We go bottom 8, and we're finally into their pen. Rally time! Pedroia leading off, needs a hit for #25...crowd behind him...if he doesn't get it, don't worry, we can bat around here...2-1 pitch...3-1...3-2.....HOME RUN!!!!!woohoo...and it's now 4-3 KC.

3:47: 4-2 them after 7.

3:42: We're still down 4-2, batting in bottom 7.

3:12: I grabbed this vid of Beckett making a kid cry in pre-game. Now, NESN shows it again and says "we'll get to know this boy tonight on NESN Daily," so...I thought I had this secret awesome vid, now it's gonna be a big deal anyway.

3:10: 4-2 KC thru 5. Pedroia walks on 4 pitches in third at bat.

2:46: No further damage. 4-2 KC after 3.5.

2:44: After the dong, a liner to left that Sutton doesn't catch. He's right there for it, it hits him in the glove, and falls to the ground. But since there is apparently no such thing as an error anymore, the guy gets credit for a double. Then he gets doubled home. 4-2 KC. Now another single, first and third one out for KC.

2:36: Beckett walks the first 2 in the 4th, Billy Butler homers to center. 3-2 Royals. Goddamn it.

2:32: 2-0 Red Sox in the 4th. Ellsbury knocked in Tek and Navarro. Pedroia 0 for 2.

Sox and Royals, scoreless in the 3rd as of right now.

June 28th in Red Sox vs. Royals History:

One game. 1978. The slumping Red Sox' lead is dwindling, and they lose their 9th in 10 games, a 4-0 shutout against Rich Gale and the Royals. Their home record going into this game had been an incredible 37-7, but even Fenway couldn't set the Sox straight. In the bottom of the 8th, Hobson came up as the tying run with the bases loaded and two out, but flied out, and that was that.

We have to beat KC to even the all-time series for the first time since '80.

Oh great, now Lackey's suck has worn off on Beckett.
What a coincidence...Beckett made me cry in the fourth inning.
One bad inning and the Sox offense is NOT on all cylinders.
Wrap up was exactly my sentiments too, Jere.

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