Friday, June 17, 2011

Yanks Lose, Myers Wins

Yanks lose to the Cubs, so we can go 2.5 up again with a win over Not Harvey's Not Wallbangers tonight.

Great moment today when YES network (MLBN picked up their feed) stayed with it during the 7th inning stretch, to show us Seth Myers singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. As you all know, Seth is the anchor of Weekend Update (and head writer) on SNL, and is a huge Red Sox fan. I met the guy once (oddly at a Beastie Boys movie premiere) and he's a nice dude. Anyway, watch what happens after he finishes the song. Beauty part is, this is shown on YES, who promptly cuts to commercial, and Kay & Co. never bring it up after that. (Though Kay noted beforehand that Myers is a "Red Sock fan"--nonchalantly saying it that demeaning way. Don't ever let Michael Kay fool you into thinking he has any of that "class" that all Yankee people think they have.) Okay, so here it is:

Earlier, Ken Singleton did some Yankee math, making fun of the Cubs for never having won a World Series at Wrigley, while the Yanks have won ten at Yankee Stadium. If you're specifically talking about the actual stadium where the win took place, you better mention that there have been two (some would say three, but definitely two) different Yankee Stadiums.

And look, Steven Wright is in the news! I guess he was there when the Bruins were taking the Stanley Cup around NYC today.


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