Monday, June 13, 2011

Yankees Lose And Other Stuff

Cleveland wins, 1-0, and we're up 2.5 games.

Jeter got a hit to start the game, but then left with an injury. At first I was glad because it probably means he won't get 6 hits in the final 3 games of the homestand. Then I realize he could milk this injury long enough to get 3,000 on the next homestand. But we'll see. This asshole seems to think he should get it at home, and that somehow getting it at Wrigley would be wrong. He even acts like this is the subjective view, that any of us would want this. Wait, not want it to happen, but think that it should happen that way. Just some extremely backwards thinking going on in that guy's brain. If he'd said "I want Jeter to get it at home," I'd still be pissed, but, fine, you want that, and I want him to never get it, but if he does, I'd want it to happen definitely on the road, and hopefully with as little fanfare as possible. But to act like that's how history should play out, simply because you want it to, that's just LeBronnian.

Remember I showed you that tree down in my driveway? I went into nearby Roger Williams Park a few days later, and was shocked at the destruction over there. It's as if a hurrinado blazed right through, uprooting and splitting massive trees. Here's a video I shot driving around in there, with some still shots mixed in:

I think you are way off on comparing anything related to Jeter with Lebron. way way off.

i am really writing to su ggest you consider scooping rsfpt. com so that it will be super, 5-9 characters easy to access your site.

what do you think?
note: i am putting this suggestion out there for entirely selfish reasons, so i can read your posts more easily when on a mobile device or even a browser w/o my bookmarks
There was some thing on Blogger I can change to make it easier to see on devices or whatever, I'll check into that.

I was just saying that some guy thinking something should be just because he wants it to be is something a LeBron ego would think of. Like, LeBron would tell you he thinks he SHOULD be a champ. In fact, he'll call himself a champ even though he's not.
Okay it's set for easier lookin' on a mobile device, try now.
got you on that. glad i decided to scrap my 4 paragraphs of detail on why!

thanks for updating that option (havent checked it yet) but i meant in terms of typing in the URL to load the site. is a lot more efficient than

again, selfish. and lazy.
They don't have bookmarks on these newfangled things?
Yeah, Jeter should get Three Grand in Yankee Stadium, that "iconic" ballpark that's only been up two years.
I have no idea what this Jeter/LeBron debate is about, but I just got an IPhone, and was hoping that you would turn on the mobile switch. Very glad to see you went ahead and did it. Makes the site about 100x easier to read while I'm standing around waiting to pick up takeout or whatever.

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