Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whitewash At The Moo Lagoon

Well ya can't expect to win 10 in a row, I guess. And Mr. Only Dude Who Remembers How to Throw 9 Innings pitched a gem mint 10 against us.

Poor freakin' Youk--strikes out in a key spot, hits into two DPS, then grounds out on a play where Longoria bobbles but somehow still makes the play.

And too bad we couldn't score for Wake, who takes the L.

The Trop camera well is all high and shit, the way the kids like it, and of course I prefer the old way, but why is it that NESN has to be so zoomed out? I have a bigger, higher def TV this year and it still looks like we're seeing the batter through a telescope. Zoom in a little! Almost the entire top half of the screen ins the wall and the crowd and the turf behind the plate. It wouldn't even hurt non widescreen viewers if they zoomed in, as they'd lose nothing right-left.

Yanks scored 6 in the 2nd and lead 9-4. I'm not giving up on that one yet. [Update, 11:11: Fuckwads win. We're 1.5 up.]

So Jeter went to the DP. It's like getting your dentist appointment delayed. You're glad you get to relax a little, but you know eventually you're gonna have to see that 3,000 drill go right into your mouth. But wouldn't it be hilarious if he just never recovers from his injury and ends his career just shy of 3,000? That would be one of the best things ever in baseball history. But, again, that's like hoping the dentist's office blows up. What are the odds?

Career-ending injury is unlikely, so I'll settle for the Hit coming on the road.
Wake still pitched well... and now there's talk of pulling him from the location. Would be a shame.
I'm not giving up hope. Those dentists use anaesthetic gas sometimes, so there's a better-than-average possibility that a dentist's office blows up.

Derk Jeter: Mr. 2,994. It would be awesome.
With Jeter hitting so badly at the beginning of the season, I was actually kinda looking forward to #3000. Back in April he was getting more than his fair share of hits from little broken bat infield dribblers that barely made it past the mound. I was thinking it would be awesome if the 3000th hit came on one of those, and up in the Yankee booth Michael Kay had to fake his orgasm while pretty much everybody else either snickered in derision, or looked on embarrassed for Jeter. And then that replay would be shown forever, and future generations of baseball fans would watch it and say, "wow, Jeter was massively overrated".

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