Thursday, June 23, 2011

What You (And Everyone) Missed Yesterday

Watch this video of N3SN missing a 3-2 pitch yesterday. Details below.

So Ellsbury fouls off a 3-2 pitch. It's still 3-2, and he's just stepping back into the box for another payoff pitch. N3SN then cuts away, first to a shot of someone's feet, then to a wide shot of the field, mostly covered up by an ad, and has Don tell us the sponsor name. Right as he's saying it, you can see the third baseman moving in and getting low, which is what fielders do when a pitch is on its way. Then right after Don says "airlines," you hear the ball pop the catcher's glove--completely unseen by cameras. (Even if the logo wasn't there, we'd have seen the pitch from a zoomed-out angle from low right field.) A full FIVE seconds later they finally go back to the shot of home plate, which is now just the pitcher and catcher. Don either has no idea that nobody's been seeing any of the action, or is just pretending he doesn't know, as he goes on announcing the game, and we find out Ellsbury has walked.

That it was "just" a walk and not a home run doesn't matter. How do they cut away from a 3-2 pitch 5 seconds early and come back 5 seconds late? And what were those shoes??

I have discovered that sometimes it's the local cable provider that causes pitches to be missed, as sometimes I'll miss one that others watching on a different provider will see. But this one's all on N3SN.

What seems like a complete fuck-up is most likely NOT a fuck-up. Missing pitches on NESN has been a problem for Red Sox fans for many years. Occam's razor: NESN cares more about showing commercials than it does about showing the full Red Sox game.

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