Friday, June 17, 2011


Lackey was somethin', eh? We were at dinner for the first few innings, so from what I saw, he pretty much threw a perfect game. Adrian continues to be amazing. I read an article today from the LA TImes saying why Curtis Granderson WILL win the MVP over Adran. Along with "because he has more stolen bases," the author said that Gonzalez' average will come down to earth, and in the end won't have the power numbers Granderson does. The whole article was a case of "I think the past is the future," which you hope is limited to idiot talk show callers. Yes, Grand Arse-NY has more dongs now, but...I just hope Adrian read that article.

We are now 2.5 up on the Yanks.

Saturday night at 7:10 it's Lester against Randy Wolf's son. Wait. Please hold...Oh...that's Randy Wolf himself? Okay, Lester against Randy Wolf.


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