Tuesday, June 07, 2011

This Date In Red Sox Vs. Yankees History

We've played the Yanks four times on June 7th, winning the three home games and losing the one road game.

6/7/1935 vs. NY 2-1 W

A few days after Babe Ruth quit baseball (then with the Boston Braves), rookie Babe Dahlgren went three for three with a double and a triple in the Red Sox' 2-1 victory over the Yanks at Fenway. This Babe would no longer be needed the following year when the Red Sox got Jimmie Foxx. He moved over to the Yanks where he'd later replace Lou Gehrig at the end of his 2,130-game streak, a record that may never, oh whoops, totally was broken! Gehrig scored New York's only run on a double play. The win moved Boston to within 4.5 games of first place, but they'd never get closer than that in 1935.

6/7/1944 vs. NY 8-1 W

Tex Hughson got a complete game 8-1 win in the first of a four-game sweep over the world champs at Fenway. A five-run fifth which included a Joe Cronin two-run dong put the game away.

6/7/1988 at NY 4-3 L

The Red Sox scored three in the first off Charlie Hudson, but Oil Can Boyd allowed four in the second, and that was it, a 4-3 Yanks win at the Stadium. Ellis Burks was thrown out at the plate by Rickey Henderson in the eighth attempting to tie the game. Cecilio "Birdshit" Guante got the save. Billy Martin effed with Boyd by telling the umps to make him remove the chain around his neck. The Sox fell nine behind the Yanks that day, but Morgan's Magic would soon begin, and Boston would beat out the choking Yanks for the A.L. East crown.

6/7/1990 vs. NY 3-0 W

Greg Harris dominated the Yanks on an 80-degree night in Boston, giving up just one hit in eight innings. The Chicken Man, Jody Reed, and the Gator knocked in runs and Jeff Reardon walked away with a 14-karat save in the Sox' 3-1 victory. It completed Boston's first four-game home sweep of the Yanks since 1969. This time it was Boston in first with New York way behind. Unlike the '88 Yanks, the Red Sox wouldn't blow it, winning their third division title in five years.

Mom here.

I'll be hoping for a repeat of the sweep that occurred when I was four months old.

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