Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Date In Nothingness

Kind of pointless to do the "this date in..." when we're playing these NL teams that we've hardly ever played before. So that feature will probably return when crappy Interleague ends. Maybe I'll do it for the Phils series since we've played them a little more.

Red Sox play today at 1:35 [update: game will be delayed by rain] to close out the homestand, Yanks play game one of their double-H at 12:35. Gotta gain a game and a half today!

3:25 update: Yanks win their game, ours is in its second rain delay, with us down 1-0 in the 3rd.

Update 4:13: Frakkin' Lackey, man. With the bases loaded, he allowed a run to score in four different ways, consecutively. Walk, HBP, WP, single. 5-0 Padres in the 4th.

5:06: Third rain delay is almost still not even're on your own for updates at this point.

Lackey's ERA was over 7 coming into the game. Have we seen enough yet? I know I have.

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