Saturday, June 25, 2011

Second Place

Good thing MLB wouldn't have us play games where the pitcher bats 38 years after the DH has been established and have them count in the standings. Hey, how about the goalie has to take every 6th shot! I think polls taken by fans who don't know what the hell they're talking about would show it would be a huge hit! And shouldn't the center really be taking every fifth 3-pointer? When ya really think about it? It would increase attendance. Same with linemen kicking field goals. Hey, they're all football players right? They should all learn all the skills. Let's have those big fat dudes stand there and try to kick a 50-yard field goal and then count all those stats and games. Who wants to see that? "Me! Me!" Okay, we'll do it. Now who wants to be a firetruck? "MEmeMEmeMEmeMEmeMEmeME!!!!!!!!!"

Jere, aren't you just using Bud Selig's mental deficiency to mask the fact that the Red Sox lost?

Firetruck you!

As much as the pitcher batting supposedly 'increases the strategy involved', the more I see our AL team playing in the NL, the more I see it just ruins any hope of having a good game.

Who do the crowd want to see bat with men on 1st and 2nd with two out in a close game - David Ortiz or Tim Wakefield, who hasn't batted in approximately 247,967,291 years?

And then late in the game, who do the crowd want to see bat with the game on the line, a David Ortiz who hasn't really been concentrating for the past 3 hours, isn't up to the speed of the game, hasn't seen any pitches since batting practise slow toss, or David Ortiz who may well have gone 0-4 at that point but is at least up with the speed of the game and has a fighting chance?

It's not just about scoring more runs - as we so ably proved, we can give their pitcher RBI singles no problem at all. However, I know that I would much rather see Lester strike out A-Rod in a jam then I would see him put men on only to face someone who isn't even paid to hold a bat.

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