Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Speaking of missing, I miss those brown/yellow unis!

I was there for the tight game-turned-rout tonight. Will post more pics tomorrow. I also got to meet a celebrity, which was cool. Stay tuned.

Yanks won too, so we're still 1.5 up. Beckett has turmoil or whatever, so Aceves goes for us Tuesday night.

One of the only positives of interleague: you do see a lot of visiting fans at Fenway, since their visits to Boston are so rare. (Like at the Cubs series where it seemed that 1/3 of the crowd were Cubbies).

Not a good enough reason to have it, but a nice benefit if we must.
I love the title of this post. Ben misses both Adrian and those old unis, too. We made it to a Padres game this year (last month when we were in CA visiting family), but it would have been cool to see them at Fenway.
ps: I'm working on a Dave Roberts autograph for you. Ben's stepmom works for the chiropractor who works on a lot of the Padres and she knows him well. First name basis and everything. I'm always like, "you get that he is a really big deal, right!?"
Ryan--yes, always good to get good fans of other teams visiting our lil' church.

Kara--That's amazing! I appreciate you working on that project. No pressure.

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