Friday, June 03, 2011

Outside, Providence

Kim just sent me the Providence outdoor movie schedule. I will now live blog my reaction to each movie as I see it. Note: Though Bryant Park will always be my favorite, the Providence one is fun (as long as that ass-hat homeless dude isn't starting fights and being his dick self), much closer, and has movies that are more often ones I like. I respect how Bryant Park likes to class it up, but I'll always be more Groundhog Day than Gone with the Wind, if ya catch my drift.

Here we go--actually, I already heard Rain Man would be last night's opener. I've seen most of it but never all the way through. I'd like to do that someday but Kim had no interest in seeing it again so I'll have to see that one indoors someday....okay, here we go for real:

June 9: Almost Famous. Dammit. Kim had given me one clue, saying next week was a "definite." A definite for her maybe. She tricked me! I saw most of this film (because she wouldn't let me change the channel), and it just didn't do it for me. But I guess I'm gonna have to see it again, eh?

June 16: Casino Royale: I hope it's the original, not the remake. I never did see that one, and it's got Peter Sellers so it has to be good, right?

June 23: Flatliners. Interesting. I think that movie pretty much bombed but I kinda wanted to see it at the time. I was a little too young though. I could see going to this, so long as I get my Gordito Burrito and my Like No Udder vegan shake.

June 30: Midnight Run. Okay, for some reason I forget if I finally just saw this, or I didn't. DeNiro, right? But is this the one where he's gotta get money to somewhere and he's driving around and stuff? If it is, yeah, I liked that one. I'm going.

July 7: Batman Begins. I can't even distinguish between the Batmans at this point. This is the one where he sees his parents killed, right? Eh, I guess it was as good as any of 'em. Okay, let's get to some classic Jere films, please....

July 14: The Godfather! Woohoo! Nuf Ced McGreevey.

July 21: Outside Providence. Okay I guess this is that Farrelly Brothers movie that was shot around here but didn't really do well. I'll see it for the Rhode Island footage at least.

July 28: The Last Samurai. Uh...not into those. But maybe I'll give it a shot.

August 4: There's Something About Mary. Saw it in the theater. A little overhyped but it almost lived up to it. And Jon Richman is in it...

August 11: Dogday Afternoon. Another one I never saw, but want to.

August 18: The Hangover. Wow, that's a pretty new one. Despite it's kind of silly appearance, and seeming similarity to all the other comedies of the day, I thought it kinda looked funny. Then I saw five minutes of it and had to change it. But I may be willing to give it another shot.

August 25: Mad Max. Never did see those Mad Max movies. That's another maybe.

September 1: The Lost Boys!!!!!!! I'm always game for 213 "Michael"s.

September 8: For my birthday, it's...Notorious. Wait, is that the one about Biggie or Bettie Page? Or neither? Or both!?

September 15: Saturday Night Fever. Sweeeeet. All-time classic. Will be weird to see the families slowly start to leave with each uttering of the word "cunt."

September 22: Pineapple Express. I had to look this up. Stoner comedy? Don't really have time for those.

September 29: Purple Rain. That's your closer? Come on....

Dogday Afternoon

Not sure how that would work outdoors in a crowd. I'd rent it and watch it at home that night.

Mad Max

If it's the original, it's worth seeing. (Then again, the last time I saw it, I was in my early 20s, still being a VT menace, so caveat emptor (or caveat visum?) ...)
I KNOW you didn't just dis 'Purple Rain'. That soundtrack slays me.
I saw a bunch of PR for the FIRST time last summer with a group of friends. And I'll give it this--we had fun laughing at it. And I couldn't figure out who was who. Or something. Like, what was going on and stuff.

Allan, nice call on caveat visum.

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