Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th In Red Sox Vs. Brewers History

We've played the Brewers (and Seattle Pilots) 400 times, winning 216 and losing 184. That's 116-84 at home, and 100-100 on the road. We've outscored them 1,946 to 1,849. On July 2nd, 1972, we swept a doubleheader to take a 25-24 lead in the all-time series, and have led ever since.

The most runs we've scored against them in a game was two days before I was born, a 20-6 win. We've played them in two series since they switched leagues after the 1997 season, taking two of three in The Good Land in 2003 and sweeping three at Fenway in 2008.

The first Red Sox pitcher to beat the Brewers franchise was Ray Culp, who threw the pitch that my dad caught at Yankee Stadium for his only game-hit foul ball. (The batter was Frank "Homer Run" Baker.)

As for June 17th, we've met them once, at Fenway, in 1995. The Brewers won 9-1 to close to within 12 games of the first-place Sox. It was a 2-0 game when Roger Clemens left in the 6th inning, but the bullpen imploded, giving up 7 runs in the final two frames. Mo Vaughn's homer in the ninth was the only Boston run. Each team had a Vaughn and a Valentin in their starting lineup that sunny Saturday. Three of those four went deep.


Of course it also wasn't in June at the time, but the night the Bruins last won the Stanley cup Culp was pitching too!

"Culp nearly matched the shutout turned in by goalie Gerry Cheevers during the Bruins’ Cup-clinching, 3-0 victory back East, scattering nine hits in a complete-game, 8-1 win."

I also grew up in Pinstripe territory and was raised a Mets fan. I started following the Red Sox in High School when I realized that the folks in MA are far nicer than the people in NYC. As a result I actually put little thought into the Red Sox playing the Brewers since in the time I have been following them the Brewers had been in the NL. Never thought about all those games before the switch.
Ha, well, there are pricks in all cities, but glad you became a Sox fan!

I pretty much still think of the Brewers as an AL East foe. So weird they're gone....

I tried to figure out the date of your profile pic, and since it's against Cleveland on an October single digit date, it has to be that last series of '09. Oct 3 or 4. I'll guess Oct. 4, the Sunday finale.

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