Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th In Red Sox Vs. Rays History

The Tampa Bay Rays are way younger than me or you. We've only played them 225 times, winning 135 and losing 90. On the road we're 58-54. We've outscored them 1,241 to 961. The Rays have never led in the all-time series, though they did pull to within one game in the 37th match-up. They've never beaten us more than four times in a row.

As for June 14th, we've played them once on that date, in 1998. It was the second-ever meeting between the Red Sox and Tampa Bay. We won 3-2 in 10 innings. Troy O'Leary got the game-winning hit against Jim Mecir. The loss put the Rays 22.5 games out of first.

The headline writer for Meriden, CT's Record-Journal the next day, after seeing this second line to their game story:

Troy O'Leary, facing a right-handed reliever[...]

decided to title the article "O'Leary laces lefty for game-winner." Come on!

Winning in Tampa is always fun.
Winning in Vancouver? Better.
Let's just, to make it easier, win all week.
That 58-54 road record probably looked a lot better prior to 2008. Hopefully we can stretch it out a little more this year. I have to give the Devil Dogs credit, they've hung in a lot better so far this season than I expected.

And just think, Jere, finally no more hockey after tomorrow night! Go Bruins!
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