Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jed's At Bats All Dissolving In A Row

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I'm wondering what's wrong with Jed Lowrie. He's constantly doing that thing John Valentin used to do where he swings and hits a pop-up to the shallow outfield and puts his head down in disgrace before trotting to first. In his last seven games he has four 1-for-4s, two 0-for-5s, and an 0-for-6. This .125 clip has dropped his average 30 points. (It's been dropping a lot longer than seven days, but that's more because he got off to such a hot start.)

It's mechanical, Magadan, please fix and get back to me. Take your time, though, our O is doin' pret-ty, pret-ty...pretty good without Jed production. But we may need him to come through in a big spot in game 4 of the World Series because I want a sweep.

By the way, we're just a half game back of the Phils for best record in baseball!


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