Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Hit

One little grounder that Youk couldn't quite make a play on. That's all Beckett gave up tonight. Could have easily been a no-hitter. But Youk did knock in the only runs of the game, a late 3-run dong, and we stay 1.5 up in the east.

Hockey newz n notes....How crazy is it that another Boston team wins a championship after either 86 or 39 years of waiting on the night of a lunar eclipse? ... I just read that there are fires being set in Vancouver [Update: watch the fires/rioting live here!]. I hope the roughneck hockey fans don't kill each other.... The Vancouver arena actually played Dirty Water while the Bruins were skating around with the Cup....As you know, I never had any interest in hockey, save for a couple of Olympics back in the day. Never had an NHL team, never had any ties to any Boston teams besides the Red Sox. But I've been waiting for a Boston team ever since jagged-glass fucker Andrew Perloff said something about the "beginning of the end for Boston sports" a few years ago. And I think somebody else (maybe on Yahoo Sports but I can't find it now) said something about some kind of new curse. I'd never try to take credit for a team I don't follow in a sport I don't follow winning, but nice job, Bruins, on proving those dipshits wrong. (Also, nice job making it so the Pats now have the longest championship drought in Boston.) Hopefully the Red Sox will continue the wrong-provin' in '11.

Very rare I watch ESPN these days, but they just led off with the Red Sox highlights on Baseball I'venow nd again I hear an anchor say "the Youkah". I've now heard Youk called The Youker about three times in my life, all by ESPN anchors. I'm still confused as to why they think we call him that. And it drives me crazy that the world, thanks to these assholes, thinks that's what we call Youk.
Congratulations to the Bruins and Canucks for setting the NHL back 40 years. 2011, the year hockey turned into professional wrestling. Both teams are a disgrace to the game.
I don't know what that means since I don't watch the NHL, but I was under the impression fighting is why people watch it ?

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