Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Continued Domination

I liked getting three quick ones in New York. I felt pretty confident throughout, despite Don's gloom and doom. We're now tied with them for first again after the 6-4 win. (They're right on pace for that 10,000 run mark, though. Gotta hold 'em under eight these next two games.) (But if they get that 10,000th in game 3 and we're ahead 21-2 or something, I totally won't give a shit about it.) (Wait, I kinda don't anyway, I'd just prefer if it happened quietly rather than loudly, since it's inevitable.)

Teixeira, do you need me to call in the National Guard? Should we keep an ambulance at the ready next time you're at the doctor's and she hits you with that little tomahawk thing? That Russell Martin dude got it in the same spot and he ran down to first. (I also liked how he stood on the fence to try and catch a foul ball. I always say guys should do that if the fence is low enough--why not? Okay, that's two compliments for Martin. Enjoy 'em guy, 'cuz it ends there!)

And what the hell happened to Bobby Jenks? It looked like he was gonna vomit. Tito was like, If you're gonna spew, spew into this. Jeez, at least Teixeira got hit by something.

NESN only had a few gratuitous Jeter shots tonight. Nice job, (he said quite facetiously.)

Speaking of that guy, he was part of my new pet peeve tonight. The "never an error" thing. He hit a routine grounder to short. Scutaro backed up on the ball, and then threw it into the dirt, and Adrian couldn't scoop it. In other words, the definition of an error. There's no decision to be made there. It's just an error, end of story. Yet we're at the point where I was 100% sure they'd call it a hit. The "new way" plus "almost at 3,000 hits" equals No Doubt Base Hit. So I got this vision:

Jeter up, sittin' on 2,999 bloops. Ground ball right side...through the second baseman's legs! His hustle really caused that, Paul. And they're ruling it a base hit! Number 3,000 for Jesus Jeter! [Twenty minutes of applause, confetti falls.] And they're taking him out of the game just so he can get three curtain calls! And as the camera follows him into the bathroom while play goes on...that's the one millionth time Derek Jeter's been shown on TV for absolutely no reason! Another milestone! And another curtain call!

P.S. Did you know we're only a game and a half behind the best record in baseball?

*hug* That's all I can do...
(except say I wish it would have been Swisher instead of Teixeira).
Yay, females who are anti-Nick Swisher!
Yeah, I hate him. ::shrugs::
I just don't get why for some people a Yankee hat doesn't make a person instantly unattractive.
You should have watched it on MLBN. Other than David Cone being a very boring color guy, it was a good production with probably zero gratuitous Jeter shots. We even got a Kevin Millar interview.
Oh, and one more thing...Papelbon's suspension is a joke. I'm sick of umpires thinking they're part of the attraction. Papelbon was pretty under control until that ump pulled his mased off and obviously yelled "what the fuck?" That ump better be suspended, too.
"probably zero gratuitous Jeter shots."

Now there's something I find very hard to believe....

We got a lot of shots of Millar, but no interview. Then again, he works for MLBN.
females who are anti-Nick Swisher


Even before he played for ny, he's always had that phony, arrogant, showboating, yankee vibe to him, IMO.

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