Thursday, June 30, 2011

Base Ball To Day

"I hear a lot of people talking about tradition, things like that, but I guess you gotta turn the page." --David Ortiz, on DH vs. no-DH.

Red Sox @ Phils, 1:00.

2:34: Reddick's had two hits. His triple started a 2-run fifth inning rally, and we lead 2-0 at the end of five. Gonzalez hit a wicked liner that knocked the glove off of Hamels. He did not come back for the following inning (which is when we scored the runs). Lester didn't allow a hit till the fourth.

2:54: Tek homers, so it's 3-0 Sox after 6. You know how NESN so commonly is fooled by fly balls, to the point where they'll just show the ball in the sky, only to have it fall almost right out of frame and into the waiting outfielder's glove? Well on this ball, they followed the fielder, zoomed in, all the way to the wall, so when the ball landed over the wall, we didn't even see it. Not even on a replay.

3:23: Still 3-0 Boston after 7. Each team stranded 2 in the 7th. Lester has thrown 120 pitches, great job by him today.

3:33: Clean-up hitter Pedroia barely gets one over the wall, then Tek hits one WAY over the wall. (Reddick just missed a Reddong that would have made it back to back to back.) 5-0 Sox, mid-8th.

4:07: 5-0 going bottom 9, Jenx comes in, gives up 2-run dong to Howard then walks a guy. So with one out and one on, Papelbon comes in....

4:11: Tito's 700th Red Sox win! Pap gets the batters he faces and it's a 5-2 victory.


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