Friday, June 10, 2011

And Down Will Come Yankees, Cradle And All

What a sight. Seeing the few Yankee fans who didn't go home nodding off to sleep, or just sitting there passed out. What a great job by NESN catching all of that.

The Yankees were also drifting off to sleep around 1 a.m. The Red Sox fell behind 2-0 early, after a 3-hour rain delay, and CC was rolling, until we tucked them in with a 7-run 7th.

The Papi HBP was anti-climactic, and only motivated David to get two hits, a single and a double, both in the seventh.

And run number 10 grand? It was knocked in by Granderson, fittingly, on a dong. And I still think I'm the only one to notice. Beauty part is, they got to 10,000 in this series, but it was one where they were swept. Swept out of first, at home. Can't wait to see the NY papers tomorrow. Including the one that proclaimed PAYBACK before this series.

8-3 final. I love how the post-2004 mindset Yankee fan (some of them anyway) will tell you how he/she knew they had no chance, even when they were cruising along with their ace.

So we came in 1 game back, and now we're 2 games up, with the best record in the league. On to Toronto.


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