Monday, June 06, 2011

11 Max

Only one team in MLB history has scored as many as ten thousand runs all-time against another team. The New York Yankees franchise has had 10,433 pricks cross the plate against the Baltimore Orioles franchise. The 10,000th run was scored by A-Rod, who was driven in by Robinson Cano in the 6th inning of a game at Camden Yards on 7/27/2007.

I bring this up now because we're on the verge of seeing the 10,000 mark reached again. Unfortunately, it's the Yanks again. And just as unfortunately, the Red Sox are the opponent.

The Yankees have scored 9,988 times against us, with three games coming up in The Bronx starting Tuesday night. If we can hold them to fewer than twelve runs in the series, at least they won't get to put the stat up on their scoreboard. Then again, A. it's not that big a deal and B. nobody seemed to even report the 10,000th run they scored against Baltimore.

More on that Yanks-O's thing: The first run the Yanks scored against the Orioles was back when the Yankees were the Baltimore Orioles, and the O's weren't even the St. Louis Browns yet--they were the Milwaukee Brewers. In their first-ever matchup, played in what the Baltimore American referred to as "Klondike weather" on May 25th, 1901, in Milwaukee, the (then) Orioles scored their first run in the second inning. I used the article and boxscore to figure out that Cy Seymour was the one who crossed the plate. (The football weather led to eight Baltimore errors, and the future-Yanks lost 6-3. Future actor Turkey Mike Donlin hit a home run that went so far, "the neighbors could not find it.")


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