Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End Of Yanks Xtras Live-Bloggin' Action

Yanks and Balty, bottom of the 14th, right now. We won earlier 1-0, as Salt had a key RBI double in the 8th, and Pap, after giving up a leadoff double, got the next three for the save at soggy Fenway. So we'll move ahead of the Yanks if the O's can score a run here. Here we go:

Bottom 14: Andino flies out. One down.

Pie flies to deep right center. Two away.

Adam Jones up. By the way, Mariano blew the save in the 9th, and it's been 1-1 ever since. And Jones Ks. We go to the 15th. And it's only 11:36! These teams have both had multiple chances to win this game.

Top 15: Tex singles. Arod up. Single, Tex to second. They had 1st/3rd no outs in the 13th and didn't score, soo... pitching change for the O's.

Fuckin' Cano doubles. 3-1 Yanks, and now the O's pitcher hits the next guy in the helmet and gets ejected.

AJ Burnett pinch running! Sac fly, so it's 4-1 them. One out. Nunez quickly pops out, two out. And the inning's over. Bottom 15th coming up.

O's need three to tie. Markakis leads off....and singles.

Snyder walks! Tying run at the plate in wingnut Luke Scott.

Oh my fucking god, grounder right side, and the stupid runner gets hit by it. What an asshole. And the next guy flies out, and this one's over. Goddamn, I wanted second place tonight....but still: Number of A.L. teams with fewer losses than the Red Sox: 3.


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