Sunday, May 15, 2011


Don't you hate those NESN promos for upcoming games? I mean the ones that are voiced over by a guy with an almost mean-spirited, tough-guy attitude. Last week they did a "car"-themed one where they described the Yankees as "best in class." Now either they meant that the Yanks were in first place, which would be wrong since they were tied at the time and now out of first, or they just meant they feel the Yanks are better than the Red Sox--we can watch YES if we wanna hear that shit. Now there's a new one where they mock the Orioles for currently being in their "familiar place, near the bottom of the division." Again they've effed up in two ways, one for belittling the O's unprovoked, and one for the fact that the division's jumbled meaning all five teams are "near the bottom," and in fact, had the Red Sox lost last night, the O's would be ahead of us, and really could have moved closer to first than last between the time the commercial was made and the time it stopped airing.

Random stuff: Papi hugging people on the streets of New York. (Yes I sent in a video application for the Fan Cave job but some professional actor and Yankee fan got the job. Please note that there was also a written portion of the application where you had to make a prediction about the '11 season. Mine was that Adrian Gonzalez would win the triple crown--how they like me now?? Or something.... And yes I was in NYC this weekend and I knew Sox players--and Heidi Watney--would be doing things related to the Fan Cave and yes it would have been cool to try and check that stuff out in person but it didn't work out. But I did get to have my favorite concrete, the Shack Attack, so all is well. Oh and while we were in Madison Square Park we saw this scary thing. (photo not by me).)

Did you see that fight between the Sox and Yanks' A-ball teams? I missed some of it because the station I was watching refused to remove their giant graphic from the screen. I hate that crap. Anyway, that one guy (on our side) was kicking and punching like crazy!

This guy has footage of himself from 1977 through 2011.

Here's a documentary co-made by a friend of mine, Greg Bennick, in which they go around talking to people from the finest universities. People meaning, in this case, the janitors. I haven't seen this one yet, but I enjoyed the last film they did, Flight From Death.

I finally took part in a "group break." This is when somebody has an unopened box of baseball cards and sells all the cards from each team, before the box is opened. So you buy your team(s), then watch as the packs are opened in an online video, knowing that they'll send you all the cards from your team. I paid a few bucks for the Red Sox, and hoped for some kind of crazy autograph or a Yaz-used underwear card or something. And I actually got something cool, a Clay Buchholz autographed card. It was fun to watch the signed card slowly revealed, knowing when I saw the B on the hat it would be mine. (And fortunately it wasn't a scam--I did receive the cards in the mail.)


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